Convergence for Consumers
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Storepoint brings together the convenience of a sari-sari store and the variety of a supermarket. The app empowers consumers with real-time awareness of the presence of a buying choice. Furthermore, StorePoint helps consumers organize their budget and manage their remaining disposable income so that they can continue to make meaningful choices and enrich themselves with great buying experiences.

Reach for the Retailers

Storepoint provides access to the real-time demand of consumers by allowing them to subscribe to topics-of-interest related to their personal consumption. Within minutes of a buying decision, retailers can get impulse analytics that can help them reach out to potential customers while they are in the process of making that important decision.

Feature Description
Sales Order Take online and offline orders via a touch interface.
Inventory Manage retail inventory and create forecasts.
Delivery Access FleetCat Go for same hour deliveries

      Stocks Management

      Delivery Request

      Pantry Inventory

      Chat Function

      Hot Events and Topics

      Nearby Awareness