Fleet Management at its Best

Our fleet manager ensures that you are in total control and have total visibility over your assets 24/7 at the palm of your hands.

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Business Beyond Simple Tracking

FleetCat incorporates five new modules that will improve the way you manage your fleet; allowing you to explore new opportunities and to take better control of your business.

Modules Description
Task Scheduler Quickly assign tasks days or even months ahead with the easy-to-use Task Scheduler. Now, you can forecast your fleet's capacity more efficiently.
Cargo Management Assign cargo for delivery disposal as easy as 1-2-3. Get a real-time picture of the state of all your deliveries in a single screen.
Fuel Reconciliation With our highly reliable digital fuel sensor, we can help you reconcile your fuel expenses to a tee. By intelligently observing fuel patterns FleetCat can provide analytics to help you save fuel.
Maintenance Management Schedule vehicle maintenance and parts replacements intuitively at a fraction of cost compared to a stand-alone maintenance management system. Track and trace the use of parts for better cost management.
Driver KPI Measure compliance using artificial intelligence. From aggressive driving patterns to sleepiness, FleetCat will help you increase safety and performance among your drivers.

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